Spinkit.Xaml now supports Universal apps.

A few months ago I showed off Spinkit.Xaml a set of styles for Windows 8 Progress Ring to make your project look a little more interesting.

App state and Caliburn.Micro

As well as posting here a lot of things relating to Caliburn.Micro will be on the new official website. The first is the start of a discussion of application state.

Brand new website

Some of you may have noticed but I've rebuilt the website / blog. Previously it was sitting as a custom Asp.Net MVC app running on Azure websites using SQL Azure as a back end.

Building a colour palette for your app

When creating your app on both the phone and tablet almost all guidelines will tell you create a consistent colour palette. There's a lot of tools out there to help you design your palette, Kuler from Adobe is a good example. But what's the best way to use our palette in your app?

Caliburn.Micro and Universal Apps

There’s been a lot of announcements here at Build today, including the availability of the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK. This release brings a common Xaml UI framework between Windows Phone and Windows and some tooling support to enable you to easily share C# and Xaml between the two platforms called Universal Windows apps.