App state and Caliburn.Micro

As well as posting here a lot of things relating to Caliburn.Micro will be on the new official website. The first is the start of a discussion of application state.

Brand new website

Some of you may have noticed but I've rebuilt the website / blog. Previously it was sitting as a custom Asp.Net MVC app running on Azure websites using SQL Azure as a back end.

Building a colour palette for your app

When creating your app on both the phone and tablet almost all guidelines will tell you create a consistent colour palette. There's a lot of tools out there to help you design your palette, Kuler from Adobe is a good example. But what's the best way to use our palette in your app?

Caliburn.Micro and Universal Apps

There’s been a lot of announcements here at Build today, including the availability of the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK. This release brings a common Xaml UI framework between Windows Phone and Windows and some tooling support to enable you to easily share C# and Xaml between the two platforms called Universal Windows apps.

DVLUP available in New Zealand

It's been a long time coming but I'm really happy to say the Nokia developer reward program DVLUP is now available in New Zealand. We at Marker Metro have been working with Nokia to set up a launch here in Auckland. Come along to find out more about it and get a recap of the news and announcements from Build. RSVP here.