MVP ComCamp 2015

I'll be speaking in a few weeks at an in person seminar here in Auckland called MVP CompCamp 2015 on February the 10th . It's a good chance to meet and connect some of the NZ MVP's and learn some cool things on Azure and how it intersects with App development.

The nature of breaking changes

Caliburn.Micro like most .NET open source projects these days tries to follow Semantic Versioning, it helps with Nuget and versioning dependencies and gives some measure of confidence to users of libraries updating libraries to newer versions.

Goals for 2015

I find it's a good idea to set out my goals for the year so I can look back and see how I've done. Last year was mostly about survival with the arrival of my daughter, hopefully this year I can really get back into it.

Renewed MVP 2015

Really pleased to declare I've been re-awarded the Microsoft MVP for 2015 in Windows Platform development. I've a big year planned which I hope to share with you all soon.

Turning good apps into great ones

Last week I did a talk for the Microsoft Student Accelerator on the little things that turn good apps into great ones.