Windows 10 and Caliburn.Micro initial comments

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, the Windows 10 Technical Preview tools have been released. My first experiments were about ensuring Caliburn.Micro still works well.

Windows 10 SDK released

In a bit of surprise news (I wasn't expecting this till Build) but Microsoft have just announced the release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview Tools. This will let us build and upgrade our apps to the Windows 10 Universal App Platform.

Preventing zoom on WebView

In an upcoming version of Hub Bug I'm using an embedded WebView to display Markdown content (yay!). This works fantastically in a desktop experience, touch however is a different experience.

MVP ComCamp 2015

I'll be speaking in a few weeks at an in person seminar here in Auckland called MVP CompCamp 2015 on February the 10th . It's a good chance to meet and connect some of the NZ MVP's and learn some cool things on Azure and how it intersects with App development.

The nature of breaking changes

Caliburn.Micro like most .NET open source projects these days tries to follow Semantic Versioning, it helps with Nuget and versioning dependencies and gives some measure of confidence to users of libraries updating libraries to newer versions.