Customising Pluralisation in Caliburn.Micro

Caliburn.Micro uses pluralisation in it’s conventions. It’s what turns an x:Name of Products into bindings of the Products and SelectedProduct properties.

NDC Sydney Video

Forgot to post about it at the time, but the video for talk Cross Platform Mobile with XAML and MVVM from NDC Sydney is available online..

MVP renewed for 2017

Pleased to say that I’ve had my Microsoft MVP renewed for the fourth year.

My new cross platform setup

These days I’m doing more cross platform mobile work at home and decided to try a new approach.

Speaking at NDC Sydney

Blown away to say that I’ll be speaking this upcoming August at NDC Sydney on Cross Platform Mobile with XAML and MVVM. There’s an awesome speakers list so I’m very excited to attend and see a lot of them speak for the first time. Getting this many great speakers in the same event in this part of the world is a rare feat so I’d recommend taking advantage of it and getting your ticket soon!