Organizing large schemas in GraphQL

A GraphQL service is made up for two parts, a schema and a collection of resolvers. The approaches for defining the schema will depend a lot on the capabilities library / framework you’re using to build the server. In general terms we can broadly categorise in to two categories schema-first and code-first.

Upcoming Speaking Events

I have a couple of upcoming speaking events I’d like to let you all know about.

Nord theme for Windows Terminal

I’ve been playing around with Windows Terminal for the last few weeks and been really impressed. In prevoius terminals and in VS Code lately I’ve had the Nord theme which while totally subjective looks pretty cool.

Slides and demos for .NET Conf 2019

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to speak at .NET Conf on An Introduction to GraphQL in .NET Core. It was certainly an novel experience to giving a talk from an empty Pushpay meeting room to an unknown amount of people.

Speaking at .NET Conf 2019

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking in a few weeks at the Microsoft virtual conference .NET Conf! This looks like it’ll be a great conference that covers a wide range of subjects and also includes the launch of .NET Core 3.0.