A better approach to GraphQL renames

As it typically happens I write a post on how I do something, it gets some decent traffic and then I find a better way to do it.

Be careful of lazy dependencies

What are lazy dependencies?

Handling name collisions in GraphQL schema stitching

GraphQL Schema Stitching is the mechanism of composing multiple GraphQL schemas together into a single unified schema. This plays strongly into the concept of “back-ends for front-ends” which is building a specialised API designed specifically for the app in question. This “API Gateway” takes the schemas of the micro-services needed for it’s functionality, combines, extends and exposes them to the front end.

My git aliases

I’ve seen a few posts around lately with people discussing how they work with git during day to day development and I thought I’d share mine.

Guarding against N+1 issues in GraphQL

The N+1 query problem is a common one to encounter during software development, particularly with ORMs (Object Relational Mappers) and their capabilities around lazy loading. A quick example looks like