Approval Tests

Approval Tests or Snapshot Tests are in my opinion a vital part of the testing ecosystem that can service a number of uses cases. In this post I’ll introduce the concepts and discuss some of the scenarios we may want to employ them to best effect.

Automatically validate arguments in GraphQL

In my last post on Exposing Validation Metadata in GraphQL I showed how we can expose validation metadata from the server to the client in order to have to only define our validation rules once. In this post I’ll show how to autoamically enforce those validation rules on the server.

Exposing Validation Metadata in GraphQL

When we do input validation in our applications we want them on both the client and server for a couple of key reasons:

A better approach to GraphQL renames

As it typically happens I write a post on how I do something, it gets some decent traffic and then I find a better way to do it.

Be careful of lazy dependencies

What are lazy dependencies?