Dynamic GraphQL Schemas

Declaring our schema

Stepping away from Caliburn.Micro


This has been a hard post to write and probably a few years over due, but human nature being what it is has delayed it longer than it should have.

GraphQL and 200 Not OK

The GraphQL specification for errors when resolving a field state the following.

Creating and enforcing GraphQL schema conventions

When we’re building an API we’re creating a contract between ourselves and our consumers. We should ideally make that contract as easier to understand as possible, this can help reduce support burden on the API team and empower the consumer to do more with the API.

Organizing large schemas in GraphQL

A GraphQL service is made up for two parts, a schema and a collection of resolvers. The approaches for defining the schema will depend a lot on the capabilities library / framework you’re using to build the server. In general terms we can broadly categorise in to two categories schema-first and code-first.