Caliburn.Micro 3.0.0

After a prolonged period in beta Caliburn.Micro 3.0.0 has just been pushed to nuget.

This release stuck around in beta a lot longer than I wanted, mostly due to a series of overlapping circumstances. Some issue comes up where it wouldn’t make sense to release till it has been resolved, by that time another has cropped up. This is pretty normal for most projects but when only some of the issues are under your control it becomes very frustrating.

I’m really glad Xamarin.Forms made it into this release, it’s not fully featured without programmatic access to x:Name but it’s still a great story. The idea we can have a view model that is able to be used across all mobile platforms and even older desktop platforms such as WPF at the same time is really compelling.

Check out the full announcement for the full details for the release.