Upcoming Speaking Events

I have a couple of upcoming speaking events I’d like to let you all know about.

The first is Full Stack Days on March 19th here in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ll be giving a relatively technology agnostic view on GraphQL, it’s strength and weaknesses as well as a general overview. If you want to find out about the topic and whether it’s worth your time looking further into then this is the talk for you.

The second is Codemania on May 6th again here in Auckland. Codemania has always been one of my favourite conferences to attend and I’m really honoured to have the opportunity to speak there. This talk will be a longer one and cover a lot of the learnings we’ve made at Pushpay over the last few years with GraphQL including Schema Stitching and Operations. If you’re wanting to learning more about GraphQL as it fits into the micro-service landscape then this should be the talk for you.