Caliburn.Micro roadmap

In the last couple of days I’ve put together and published a roadmap for Caliburn.Micro, there’s a couple of reasons for this. The first is help me plan what I want to do and what will be needed, the second to let people know what to expect in the future (although I deliberately didn’t attach dates to anything).

Supporting Xamarin.Forms Tabbed Page in Caliburn.Micro

One of the best features of Caliburn.Micro in my opinion is get away from “one view model per screen” and starting to compose view models together to form the screen.

Customising Pluralisation in Caliburn.Micro

Caliburn.Micro uses pluralisation in it’s conventions. It’s what turns an x:Name of Products into bindings of the Products and SelectedProduct properties.

NDC Sydney Video

Forgot to post about it at the time, but the video for talk Cross Platform Mobile with XAML and MVVM from NDC Sydney is available online..

MVP renewed for 2017

Pleased to say that I’ve had my Microsoft MVP renewed for the fourth year.